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people use Instagram Stories daily.


will be spent on video marketing this year in the US alone.


user-generated content engages 6.8 times more than branded content.

Bringing people together
to create video stories


A win-win solution


The ideal space for video creators and marketers to connect

Marketers can request custom videos from creators or search an existing library.


Mobs gives value to what’s been left untapped

Monetizing amateur video has never been this easy.

Discover the simplicity of creating videos
and earning MOBS


  • Jan - Apr 2017

    Friends and Family Round
    Market research interviews:

    • creators
    • marketers
  • May - Aug 2017

    Technology evaluation
    Business model design
    Mockup design

  • Sep - Dec 2017

    Architecture design
    First advisors join the team
    IVA Ventures endorsement

  • Jan - Apr 2018

    1st Angel investment
    TGE preparation begins
    Backend development begins

  • May - Aug 2018

    Legal set up
    Website launching
    Mobile app development begins

  • Sep - Dec 2018

    Token Generation Event
    2nd Angel investment

  • Jan - Apr 2019

    Customer acquisition strategy begins
    Token Generation Event

  • May - Aug 2019

    MOBS token distribution

    Beta version release

    Partnership onboarding begins

  • Sep - Dec 2019

    Mobs app Version 1.0 Launching:

    • Create groups
    • Basic templates
    • Semi-automated video editor

    Video Gallery is live


Raquel H Schafhauser Co-Founder & CEO

Law degree and MBA holder, Raquel is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in international business development and team building.

Andrés H Schafhauser Co-Founder & CTO

A software engineer for over 25 years with two patents granted. Andres has worked with Yahoo! Connected TV and Netflix. Highly experienced in 3D engines, video pipelines, and audio processing/ fingerprinting for content recognition.

Rex Ching Backend

Rex Ching Backend

Rex brings with him over 15 years of product and leadership experience in the video space. He served as Netflix's APAC Head of Engineering in his latest position, building up strategic partnerships with pay TV operators. He founded the FlipTour (acquired by Oppo) and built up the founding team in LyveMinds (acquired by Seagate).

Alex Verdaguer UX & Branding

Alex Verdaguer UX & Branding

Alex has more than 20 years of experience in strategic design for web and mobile. His branding positioning experience and years in product design is a real asset to the Mobs team. Alex’s ability and passion has been recognized within the industry over the years.

Max Gavriuk Blockchain Dev. & Audit

Max Gavriuk Blockchain Dev. & Audit

Max has over 15 years of experience in software development and management. He is the CIO of OmniSynapse, a premium software development vendor and consultancy, and CTO at BlockchainSaw.

Matthew Loughran Marketing & PR

Matthew Loughran Marketing & PR

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur in the FinTech industry. He holds an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University with a focus on innovations in crowdfunding. The CMO at blockchain company Uulala and holds multiple certifications in strategic board service.

Joaquim Matinero Legal Spain

Joaquim Matinero Legal Spain

Joaquim is a lawyer at Roca Junyent, specializing in banking, finance, private equity, and blockchain. Advisor to Fintech companies and a collaborator within the “Blockchain Space”. He was a pivotal part of the first acceleration program regarding blockchain projects in Spain.

Jonathan Turnham Legal Cayman Islands

Jonathan Turnham Legal Cayman Islands

Jonathan is a lawyer with Travers Thorp Alberga, specializing in investment funds, mergers and acquisitions and Fintech. He is a trusted adviser to technology, entertainment, healthcare and financial services clients as well as early stage startups and ICO/ITO issuers.

Daniel Sloan ICO Investments & Strategy

Daniel Sloan ICO Investments & Strategy

Daniel spent 23 years in the Information Technology industry building multiple businesses utilizing his experience in sales and marketing, consulting, and custom software development. BlockchainSaw, his most recent venture, focuses on sharing the value of blockchain.

John Paton Advisor

John Paton Advisor

John is the Chair and Co-Founder of IVA Ventures. He is the Chairman of TMT Blockchain Fund and a director of The Guardian. An advisor to El Pais and PRISA as well as a number of Blockchain and digital startups including Tout, Hubii, and Moonlighting. John has been named a top digital media influencer by E-Content magazine and profiled by the New York Times.

Arturo Durán Advisor

Arturo Durán Advisor

Arturo serves as Advisor to the Board for multiple companies like Hubii Network, VR AMERICAS, and Antego. A mobile and messenger leader, he introduced the first iteration of ICQ and AIM into cell phones in Canada, creating a model that was then followed around the world. Arturos´s passion for decentralized processes and the implications of blockchain for transparency led him to help execute two ICOs and offer his knowledge and expertise to Mobs.

Verónica Torras Advisor

Verónica Torras Advisor

Veronica has over 20 years of marketing and business experience. She has been involved with entrepreneurship on both sides; being the founder and CEO of a startup and training and coaching entrepreneurs on the Lean Startup method. Veronica now serves as Head of Marketing and Business development for Ardor and Nxt Blockchains at Jelurida.

Myles D. Weinstein Advisor

Myles D. Weinstein Advisor

Myles is a product specialist and is currently Staff to the CEO at Coupa Software. He was the former Lead and GM for GoPro’s collaboration and subscription service as well as the Senior Product Manager for Yahoo! Smart TV, Mobile, and Magazine.

Joan Manel Vilaseca Investor & Advisor

Joan Manel Vilaseca Investor & Advisor

Joan has been a film editor and post-production teacher for over 20 years in Barcelona. He has worked with filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro and other box office sensations. A Blockchain enthusiast since 2013, Joan is directly involved with the Nxt Blockchain Foundation.

Androklis Polymenis Advisor

Androklis Polymenis Advisor

Androklis is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, technical analysis expert, and software engineer. He is the founder of CryptXO and UbiCrypt companies which specialize in cryptoassets-related consulting services, providing expert fundamental and technical analysis.


Our partners


Token Generation

  • Total Supply


  • Token Sale


  • Ticker


  • Soft Cap


  • Hard Cap


Token Distribution

Use of funds

  • R&D


  • Marketing (User Adquisitions)


  • Legal (IP and token complience)


  • Operations and Business Development


  • Contingencies



  • Mobs is a blockchain-based marketplace focusing on user generated videos. An ideal space for marketers and creators to meet and create video content together.
  • Amateur creators generate most of their content from their smartphones. The easiest way to give them access to the marketplace is in the same place they create that content.
  • This is how we generate traction. Creators are mainly moved by the pleasure of creating videos for fun. After more than 300 interviews with smartphone users, we realized that the best way to attract them to the platform is to let them do something they can't do today; create video stories together. Mobs eases their two greatest pain points in the following ways: By organizing friends and their content in chat groups and by removing the editing process.
  • With Mobs, creators can generate crowdsourced video masterpieces and marketers can purchase a snippet or the complete masterpiece. Each contributor will receive a payment in MOBS utility tokens proportional to the content they provided.
  • Easy, you just choose the content from the chat feed, add a template, add some music, and that’s it. The system automatically creates a crowdsourced masterpiece for you.
  • Blockchain provides the perfect solution to scale our business model. Marketers’ biggest obstacle, gaining access to user-generated videos, is instantly solved by smart contracts and the possibility of rewarding creators with MOBS utility tokens. In addition, amateur creators will be able to create masterpieces together and earn MOBS utility tokens for their contributions.
  • $15 million is the hard cap for 50% of our MOBS tokens. There will be a maximum supply of 200 million MOBS tokens.
  • Generally speaking you won't be able to buy MOBS utility tokens if you are a citizen or resident of any country or jurisdiction which prohibits the acquisition of cryptographic tokens, including:
    Republic of North Korea
    Islamic Republic of Iran
    People’s Republic of China
    South Sudan
    North Sudan
    The Crimea
    United States of America
    Or a member of the public in the Cayman Islands
  • Mobs is based in the Cayman Islands and Barcelona.
  • MOBS utility token is aimed to empower a direct economy inside our platform. It will be used to reward all parties involved in usage, content generation, content licensing and unlocking features.
  • Mobs be will announcing the the start of the private sale soon, in the meantime subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

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