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How to write the Letter to Santa Claus in 2020

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Cómo escribir la Carta a Papa Noel en el 2020

2020 brings many challenges, but also new opportunities to ensure that your children do not lose hope. Can you imagine the face that your children would have if they received a personalized video of the real Santa Claus ? This year, with MOBS it is possible, but first we give you some tips to address the letter with your children.

What will you find in this article?

    Before starting

    Before you start writing the letter with your children, it is important that you chat with them to find out what they really know about Christmas, Santa Claus and its traditions.

    Ah, you don't have it very clear either? Well take note:

    • First of all, Santa Claus has different names depending on the country: Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and Joulupukki among others.
    • It is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, so both Lapland, Greenland or the North Pole are reasonable locations ;-)
    • Tradition says that at dawn on December 25, Santa Claus visits the houses of children who have behaved well to leave gifts.
    • Travel aboard a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer . The most famous reindeer is called Rudolf.
    • Days before, the little ones go to him to send him a letter with the list of gifts they want and the merits they have accumulated during the year.
    • Santa Claus has a telescope capable of seeing all the children in the world. If they have been good, he will bring them the gifts he has asked for in his flying sleigh. And if not, they will receive coal.

    From here it can be complemented with other traditions that we all know, such as: putting a sock where you want Santa to leave the gifts, or leaving a glass of milk for our good-natured to help him regain strength.

    Shall we talk about values?

    If these dates are famous for something, it is for helping us get the best out of ourselves. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to talk to your children about the values ​​we consider most important.

    For example, you can talk to them about solidarity , the importance of family or respect for other traditions by telling them anecdotes about how in other countries they celebrate these holidays.

    The important thing is to teach them that Christmas is much more than writing a letter asking for toys.

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    Should they receive everything they ask for?

    It depends on how many gifts they ask for and their motivations. Many children's school psychologists agree that excessive gifting makes children unable to focus on and enjoy a single gift.

    It is recommended to manage their expectations with them, in this way you help them decide on one or two gifts that make them really excited. This focuses their energy on certain things and so they fully enjoy those gifts when they receive them.

    The typical "I want this!"

    Several parents consulted tell us that during these days they sit down with their children and review the toy catalog together. This is where your children will explain their preferences to you at a time that makes them very happy because they have your full attention. Enjoy it!

    A good rule would be to put a limit of 4 or 5 gifts. Ask them what they are most excited about and why. Take advantage of this moment to be sure that these gifts are the ones they really need.

    How to write the letter

    The letter must be written by them. However, help them with some guidelines how to start the letter with the famous: "Dear Santa Claus or" Dear Santa Claus.

    Instruct them to introduce themselves first and tell how well they have behaved. Take advantage and reflect on how the year has gone, what good things it has brought and what could be improved. Your children can write the gift list, draw them or even cut them out of the toy catalog and stick them on the letter.

    why is important

    If you feel that your children are very excited and delivered with the letter, suggest that they write next to each gift why they want it. In this way they become more aware of their desires.

    Another tip that you can consider is to encourage them to ask for non-material things such as health for the family, teacher or class friends, greater protection for animals,... you know!

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    Three tips to close the letter

    1.- Invite your children to finish the letter with a purpose of improvement for the new year.

    2.- Integrate the idea of ​​values ​​here, encouraging them to commit to actions such as, for example, making the bed daily or recycling everything they throw away thinking about the well-being of the environment

    3.- And last and not least! Teach them to end the letter by thanking Santa for his great work and generosity.

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