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Bel, a chameleonic artist loaded with projects

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Bel, una artista camaleónica cargada de proyectos

Bel, a singer-songwriter, joins the MOBS family because she feels that this platform is an open window to express her most human and sincere feelings through her art.

Bel Gordillo is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid. Her journey through art has led her to train in various disciplines, such as flamenco dance, gestural theater, clown or music.

All the artistic tools that Bel has been acquiring throughout her formative and professional journey, she uses them to promote projects that connect people with her art.

His time at the prestigious international company Mayumana has been one of his great milestones as an artist, but not the only one. He also developed his own clown company, Nenacaracol, taking his own show on stage.

Bel not only sings and composes, but as we have already seen, her versatile vision of art has allowed her to work in different scenic branches that have led her to be who she is.

This artist is full of humanity and positive messages, she is happy to be part of MOBS and reminds us several times in this interview.


«Since I was little I was already very clear that dancing, singing and acting was my thing»

Q: Hi Bel! Welcome to MOBS! During your professional career you have touched many artistic branches, how did your interest in art begin? Is there any precedent?

A: Art has been in my life since I was a child, since my family was made up of musicians, singers, dancers, etc. I have always been predisposed with everything related to the performing arts and since I was little I was already very clear that dancing, singing and acting was my thing.


Q: You had training in Spanish dance and flamenco and later you started in the world of gestural theater, and why gestural theater?

A: When I finished studying dance, I felt that I was not only satisfied with the beauty of movement, but that I wanted to tell something more. The theater for me gave meaning to everything and that is why I launched myself on the adventure of doing interpretation from the gesture. Luckily, I always had family support in these decisions and life made it very easy for me.

Q: You have also dedicated part of your artistic career to clowns, what do you think the clown has brought to your life?

A: It was quite a discovery because it made me connect with a very beautiful truth that exists within me. From that moment on, I considered what I wanted to offer as an artist, since the clown developed in me a new vision of art based on telling stories and connecting with your truth. Finding the vulnerability of the clown led me to position myself in a different place as an artist.

Q: As we can see, you are a multifaceted, versatile artist who reinvents herself at all times. Can you tell us about your most important achievements?

A: As an artistic achievement is the clown company that I developed, Nenacaracol. And my time at Mayumana has also taught me a lot during the three years I was there and set the stage for knowing what kind of artist I wanted to be.

«Thanks to MOBS I have been able to connect again with my composer and creative part»

Q: Bel, with so much going on, how do you organize your time to get it all done?

A: For me, at first, it was a conflict to do so many things because we have internalized the concept of "apprentice to a master of nothing", and I do not agree with this.

I don't like routine, I need to always be exploring and stimulating my creativity with new things because my energy and my character are like that.

My mother tells me that I am a chameleon , and it is true, because I can become a clown, a dancer, a singer or a teacher.

For example, thanks to MOBS I have been able to connect again with my composer and creative part, since it is giving me the opportunity to flow with everything that comes to me from outside. This is very beautiful.

Q: You have many projects in the works, such as artistic retreats to find your own essence in art, another project on clown musicality and now MOBS, what do you want to convey with this type of work?

A: For me the important thing is that, for example in the case of MOBS, the people who receive a song will be listening, loving and honoring you... This is a wonderful reason to trust in life and let yourself be cradled.

MOBS opens this space for you to offer your gifts to the world in a special and unique way.

Q: What advice would you give to those people who are following a path similar to yours or who have not yet taken that step due to fears or uncertainties?

A: I feel like when you give advice you are really giving it to yourself. And the advice that I give myself and that I transmit to that person is to breathe every morning, connect with your heart and ask yourself if you are being consistent with your life and if you are pursuing your passions. My advice is: break through your blocks by launching yourself to experiment, and always do it with humor, laughing at yourself.


« MOBS is opening a window to the world for all of us who are devoted to our art and vocation»

Q: You've already jumped on the MOBS bandwagon, where we're delighted to have you, and you've already had several requests. How is this experience of making personalized videos being for you?

A: I take it as a game. First, I remove the “you have to do it very well” pilot from my mind, I change it to “play and give permission to the mistake, to be your colleague” and then the magic happens: I relax and start to enjoy .

What I do in MOBS I am taking it as a job of self-listening and respect for myself and for the vital moment in which I find myself. I try not to push myself when recording a video and thanks to that very nice things are coming out.

Q: What do you think MOBS brings to artists?

A: For me, MOBS is opening a window to the world for all of us who are devoted to our art and vocation. In addition, MOBS is a platform that invites artists to bridge our messages to help raise awareness.

This seems very nice and very close to me, it even makes you more human. MOBS is like casting a fishing rod with which you catch art from different parts of the world and help you create a beautiful network of happiness between people.

« MOBS is a platform that invites artists to serve as a bridge with our messages to help raise awareness»

The positive message that Bel wants to convey to us is that there is a universe full of possibilities where artists are the bridge to help people connect with their dreams and illusions.

At the end of this interview, Bel is asked a couple of questions to close: what does art mean to her and how does she define herself as an artist? His answers are clear and immediate.

For her, art is life and she feels free doing what she loves.

Thanks for joining MOBS, Bel!

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