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Franco and Arian, the musical duo that gives life to Lennon's Tree

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The musical duo Lennon's Tree, made up of Franco and Arian, is constantly growing and there are many artistic opportunities that come their way.

The fusion between two good musicians is always something enriching. Franco and Arian met at school and since then their musical careers have been united under the same common denominator: the enthusiasm for their work. These young Argentines, members of Lennon's Tree, are strongly committed to music and make it reach the most remote cities of their country.

Franco and Arian are two young people from Trenque Lauquen, a city in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. They began their respective musical careers years ago and decided to merge their art creating the duo Lennon's Tree, which has not ceased its musical activity since then.

Last summer was a good season for Lennon's Tree because of the many concerts they did. Although it is true that the arrival of the pandemic has affected the gigs that this duo had scheduled, for Franco and Arian there has always been work to do. Proof of this is their persistence in continuing to give streaming concerts from their homes, which has meant a change in modality when it comes to developing their musical activity.

Needless to say what everyone knows… Franco and Arian from Lennon's Tree are already on MOBS!


We wanted to professionalize ourselves in the musical field to be able to support ourselves financially and do what we like at the same time.

Q: How did you meet and why did you decide to get together?

A: Arian – We were schoolmates and over the years we have shared about five or six band formations as well as being part of a youth choir.

A: Franco – We have been performing in musical groups for a long time. In 2017 we had a band that made our own songs in English with which we toured in the US. The group was called Cambodia and we can say that this was the antecedent of Lennon's Tree, since after the separation of its members, Arian and I decided to get together and apply everything we learned from that band to our duo.

Q: Was Lennon's Tree created for a specific purpose?

A: Arian – This duo was born as an experiment focused on work, which is why most of our songs are covers of well-known groups like Oasis or The Beatles.

A: Franco – We started out as something very small and little by little a new project emerged. We wanted to professionalize ourselves in the musical field to be able to support ourselves financially and do what we like at the same time, and this was our main purpose.

Q: You've been playing with Lennon's Tree for almost two years, have you managed to make a financial living from this as you wanted?

A: Franco – We have achieved our purpose little by little. This last season we have been working full time and we learned a lot of things. For example, we started taking our gigs to inner cities where there is a prejudice that the public there does not know groups like the Beatles, but this is not true. The interior tends to be underestimated in matters of musical culture and in those areas it is much easier for us to work because we know that people are hungry to see new things.


All the projects we do can coexist with Lennon 's Tree and complement each other.

Q: In addition to covering other bands, does Lennon's Tree also cover their own songs?

A: Franco – Yes. We had a couple of our own songs from the previous line-up that I had released and they hadn't made themselves known enough. So we decided to upload one of those songs to Spotify as Lennon's Tree, since it's in the same style. There are also two more of our own songs that we will probably use in our repertoire.

Q: Individually, do you have any kind of artistic or musical project on your hands apart from this duo?

A: Franco – I am studying choir conducting at the Buenos Aires Conservatory and I am already finishing my degree. I also teach guitar and harmony classes.

A: Arian – I play drums in five different projects with other people. Regarding studies, I am self-taught, although in the future I would like to set up a recording studio as a complement to my musical career.

A: Franco – Luckily, we both have a mattress to fall on related to music…

A: Arian – Sure, all the projects we do can coexist with Lennon's Tree and complement each other. I think that to live as an artist in Argentina you have to dedicate yourself to several projects, it's not enough to play in one.

A: Franco – In addition, these complementary projects can not only coexist but also enrich us and allow us to maintain ourselves financially. At the level of people we also complement each other, because what one does not know the other knows.

Q: Do you have any anecdote that you would like to share with the MOBS community?

A: Arian – This summer we had to go to play in a city 40 minutes away by car on a provincial road and, as we always have little time for bowling, this time was no exception. The anecdote was that the van broke down in the middle of the route!

A: Franco – We don't have many anecdotes like that either because we are quite serious: we play, we pick up and we leave. Now we are at a stage in which we have to take great care in what we do and worry that our work gives good results. I think that is the best anecdote and the one that represents us the most.


MOBS has something that makes every artist find their format and feel comfortable when making a personalized video.

Q: Do you have any upcoming dates for tours or concerts?

A: Franco – Yes, currently we usually do streaming shows in bars, and from there we are generating contacts for future seasons. Luckily the pandemic arose in the winter season, which is low season, and we continue working on our project with the idea of ​​doing a big tour next summer if the situation eases.

Q: How was your experience participating in MOBS with the personalized videos?

A: Franco – First, we were watching some reference videos to get ideas. However, we didn't see clearly how we could make our video because the shots we took seemed very forced. After several tests we decided to be more natural and say that it is difficult for us to speak and that we prefer to express ourselves through music. At that moment we relax and sound more sincere, more authentic. I think MOBS has something that makes every artist find their format and feel comfortable when making a personalized video.

A: Arian – Yes. In fact, we had to redo the video several times until we found our style; once we felt comfortable, it only took one take to make the video perfect.

Q: What do you think about what MOBS does?

A: Franco – The idea of ​​MOBS is beautiful.

A: Arian – It seems to me that the timing of MOBS is very opportune.

A: Franco – A lot of people I've talked to have stressed that it's a very good idea. I think people get it right away.

A: Arian – What Franco says is important, since we are in the interior of Buenos Aires and it is difficult for people from these places to become friends so quickly with something as new as this.

A: Franco – The truth is that MOBS adds a lot and connects you with many people.


Franco and Arian continue to work hard for what they say will be a stage full of musical opportunities. All his journey and news can be seen through his Instagram @lennonstree , which is Lennon's Tree's main tool for sharing his work.

When asked what represents them as musicians, these young artists agree on two words: work and search. The work because his effort to make his dreams and illusions come true is laborious and constant. And the search because there is always something new to discover, some horizon to explore and a great desire to continue with all the projects that come.


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