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MoneyOne Kenobi, a singer-songwriter who brings love to music and humanity.

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MoneyOne Kenobi is the artistic name of Fabián Hernández, a musician with many years of experience who joins MOBS with the idea of ​​brightening people's day and giving unforgettable musical messages.

Behind MoneyOne Kenobi is Fabián Hernández, a Miami-based singer-songwriter who stands out for having declared his unconditional love for music. Fabián's talent covers many artistic facets and he is well known for his ability to improvise and give live musical magic.

Fabián Hernández began his artistic career when, at a very young age, he began his work as a model. At the same time, he continued his professional development on stage as a voice actor and participated in several shoots until music completely captured him.

Currently, Fabián works as a solo musician in his Moneyone Keboni project, where he fuses music and his love for people.

He is a deep, sincere, authentic and committed artist, which is why he is now a part of MOBS!

«At the age of 25, when I was going through a difficult period in my life, I locked myself up for 17 days, grabbed a guitar and became a composer»

Q: Hi Fabian, welcome to our MOBS community! What has been the motivation that has led you to join our platform?

A: Hello, delighted! There are two factors why I have decided to join MOBS. On the one hand, my great love for people; When they told me the idea of ​​making personalized videos to give joy and unforgettable messages to people, I loved it. And on the other, my passion for music.

«It seems to me that MOBS does something with which I fully identify»

Q: In the artistic world you have already worked for many years as an actor. How did the musical facet come into your life? Was there a turning point?

A: I started as a model and actor from a very young age. At the age of 25, when I was going through a difficult time in my life, I locked myself up for 17 days, grabbed a guitar and became a songwriter. I changed the look I had, my friendships, my way of thinking, of living... I began to give self-esteem and become what I am now. And all this I channeled through music.

Q: So it was a large-scale renovation… and why music and not another artistic expression?

A: I grew up with music hand in hand because I had many influences from my parents. I loved dancing to it, listening to it and feeling it. The first time I sat down to make music I felt totally crazy, because I began to talk, sing, laugh, cry... Despite the fact that I was in great pain, music gave me joy and I knew that I could communicate with others. through her.


“I have to take MoneyOne Kenobi seriously because it started as a joke and now it is paying off and requires a lot of work”

Q: How were the beginnings of your musical career?

A: In my beginnings, I was composing for a year and I managed to win a composition contest. On the day of the contest, a guy borrowed my guitar and began to play it talentedly, so I liked it, we talked about forming a band and at the same time we consolidated it. A year after having put together that band, we had to play as a substitute for another group that had failed and something very interesting happened on stage: I started to sing improvising and it was a complete success . From that day on, we were playing at that same venue for five and a half years. After many years playing in bands I decided to go solo with MoneyOne Kenobi.


Q: What do you think has been your greatest artistic achievement? And the biggest challenges?

A: Regarding my achievements, musically I have worked with many artists and have collaborated with great singers like Marta Sánchez or Álvaro Soler. And the challenges... I believe that artists are our own worst enemies. Self-sabotage has been one of the toughest challenges to overcome, as well as getting to do something different and not copy anyone.

Q: As you've said before, you've gotten to collaborate with other well-known musicians and artists, what have you taken away from those experiences?

A: I love meeting people. One day, at a Jam in Miami, I met some very beautiful artists, like Marta Sánchez, Alejandro Sanz, Paulina, Rosario or Juanes. I was jamming with the artists I admired! That was a great memory and many connections and collaboration proposals arose from that place .

Q: What topics do you like to talk about in your songs?

A: I love writing about my personal experiences. Although lately I also compose quite a few invented stories


Q: Are you currently working on any musical project? Can you tell us something?

A: The MoneyOne Kenobi project is becoming quite consolidated. I was recently involved in a campaign with Camel to do a song about Miami and I'll be finishing it up and performing soon. Apart from this, there are five more songs, of which two already have their video. I have to take Moneyone Kenobi seriously because it started as a joke and now it's paying off and it takes a lot of work.


Q: What vision do you have about the role that MOBS fulfills with artists?

A: The vision that MOBS has seems very nice to me, very heartfelt. What I like the most is his idea of ​​bringing loving messages to people to lift their spirits and brighten their day. There are two aspects of MOBS that I particularly like: on the one hand, their willingness to help artists, who are now going through difficult times. And on the other, his social commitment to NGOs and foundations that are helping the world.

« MOBS is a perfect platform to give love to people and help those who need it most »

Follow Fabian on his Instagram @moneyonekenobi

Fabián feels great affection for humanity, as he has repeated several times in this interview, and his union with MOBS makes his idea of ​​delivering love and joy to people constant. At the end of the interview, this artist asks us to indicate five words and immediately afterwards he improvises some rhymes on the guitar that once again recall his talent and dedication to music.

This musician and composer has great projects ahead of him that he hopes to be able to share with our community very soon.

You have our doors open at MOBS, Fabian!

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