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Pablo, the actor behind La Ogra that achieves everything

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Pablo, el actor detrás de La Ogra que todo lo logra

Pablo Monteagudo discovered as a child that theater was his passion and since then he has been in love with the stage.

For Pablo, theater and comedy are his way of life. From a very young age he knew that art, music and the scene were going to be his traveling companions for a long time. This versatile artist makes his shows a way to interact with people through laughter, the absurd and the peculiar. To do this, he created La Ogra that achieves everything, with which he has traveled a path of ten years on stage.


Pablo Monteagudo is from Murcia but has lived in Madrid for 21 years. He went to the capital to study Dramatic Art and fell in love with that place, which is now the cradle of his most successful artistic projects.

This actor plays La Ogra who achieves everything in her show I'm not fat, I'm wide-hipped , which has been on the bill for ten years and continues to be a triumph both inside and outside of Spain.

In this interview with Mobs Nation, Pablo takes us on a route through his artistic and personal facets and also explains how the character that has made him famous, La Ogra, came about.

Haven't we said it yet...? Pablo is already one more in Mobs!


From a very young age I loved doing theater at school and participating in end-of-year parties.

Hello Pablo, welcome to Mobs Nation!
Q: You are a versatile artist. Where does your interest in art come from? Did you have any kind of close influence?

A: From a very young age I loved doing theater at school and participating in end-of-year parties. In my family, my father is a musician and my great-grandfather was a professional violinist, hence my interest in music and art.


Q: When you studied Dramatic Art in Madrid, did you already know that you would dedicate yourself to this?

A: Yes. In my last year of high school I discovered that I could study theater and overnight I decided to go to Madrid. My parents were left dead when I told them the news, because they thought it would not last... But look now! (laughs)

Q: Most people know you by your character The Ogre that achieves everything, when and how did The Ogre come about and why that name?

A: It all came as a result of a tour that I was doing in 2007 with the Pulgarcito musical. I played the character of the Ogre and, when you spend many hours in a van with people who do the same thing as you, you start to let your imagination run wild, to make rhymes with the name, to change the gender... Until The Ogre came out that everything achieves it. It all started as a game in a silly conversation…

A game that became a real hit!

Of course! Over time I formed a team of people who helped me bring the idea of ​​La Ogra to the stage. In this way, I began to make songs and surround myself with people interested in the project who helped me shape my follies.


The Ogre fits anywhere, it has no limits.

Q: Your show I'm not fat, I'm wide-hipped , it's been on the bill for 10 years now. What do you think this success is due to?

A: At the beginning when I premiered this show almost no one came because very few people knew it, so it occurred to me to make a video clip with a song from this show to make it known and promote it. That song was called Te boro del feisbuh and in a matter of ten days it exceeded a million views on YouTube. I knew this video could be successful, but I never imagined it would go viral. Since then, the theater has been full every weekend and I'm not fat, I'm wide-hipped, it ran for six uninterrupted years.

Q: Do you plan to launch any other shows?

A: It is something that I am considering. I have been working on this project for ten years and I would like to take other paths, although it is not easy.

Q: What did your first album Gratecida mean to you ?

A: Grateful was a way of saying thank you to all those people who participated in my project. Doing this record work was for me a way of putting closure to La Ogra… However, I became strong again and continued betting on it, since La Ogra fits anywhere, it has no limits.

Q: In 2015 you crossed the pond to go perform with La Ogra in Puerto Rico and in 2016 you crossed it again to go on tour to Mexico. How did the public receive you in those places?

A: I get goosebumps when I think about it… In Puerto Rico, for example, tickets sold out in advance, which was very surprising because there people usually buy them at the box office. During the show, the audience knew the songs, they stopped me every three sentences to applaud, they treated me with great affection and respect. In Mexico I had the opportunity to take my show to the International Cabaret Festival and it also worked very well. Despite the differences in expression in the language – what La Ogra does is a very traditional humor from her life in Murcia – the audience connected perfectly.

Q: Has The Ogre been a prophet in your land?

A: Over time yes. I have presented Pride galas in Cartagena for several years, although I still have the thorn of being able to do my show at the Teatro de Cartagena... that for me would be a dream come true and today it is not easy.

The good things make you wait…!

Of course! This is a journey that we do not know where it is going or where it will be transformed. But here we continue on the road and The Ogre is by my side.


Many people from different countries write to me to thank me for helping them through bad times.

Q: With all these experiences you've had, do you have any anecdotes you want to share with Mobs Nation?

R: (He remains thoughtful) Very incredible things have happened to me. Many people from different countries write to me to thank me for helping them through bad times. Children have also written to me who are considering their gender and La Ogra is a reference for them. Another curious thing is that one of my songs, Gazpacho , is studied in schools in other countries in Spanish classes! In Sweden there is a book published where one of my songs appears with my photo. And recently a publisher in the US has asked my permission to do the same.

That has to be very satisfying!

Yes, and above all due to the fact that I have been able to keep up with time since I started all this ten years ago.

Q: How has the pandemic affected your work as an artist?

A: I had to cancel all the gigs. The Madrid venues where he performed closed and everything stopped. In this quarantine I have had a hard time, but luckily I have returned to the theater with my show every weekend on Jacob's Ladder .

Q: Several artists have already told us about their experience participating in Mobs Nation with their custom videos. What does it mean for you to join our community? Can you tell us something about your experience in Mobs?

A: It seems to me a good initiative. It is true that I have been making personalized videos on request since the beginning, but this platform is a great opportunity for people to find you and get to know you. That is precisely the good thing about Mobs, that it makes fans connect with the artist... and I think it's a very good idea. I am delighted to belong to Mobs!


Pablo assures us in this interview that he throws himself into anything and is not afraid of anything. In addition to being an actor, he is also a director, screenwriter and musical composer, and he continues at the foot of the cannon together with La Ogra, who achieves everything in the theaters of Madrid.

Theater is his way of life and learning his philosophy. Pablo Monteagudo lands in Mobs Nations stronger than ever and ready to delight his fans with his art and charisma.


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