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Ramón LSD, a comedian who makes you forget all your problems

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Ramón Muñoz has spent many years dedicating himself to making people laugh. This comedian from Valladolid already accumulates several interesting projects in which humor is the main ingredient.

For Ramón LSD, comedy is trivializing the hardest things from day to day and wrapping them in a friendly piece of paper so that the public can digest them. This comedian makes theaters a space for people to forget their problems for an hour and a half, and leave there with a smile on their faces. Doing comedy is for Ramón his way of life and a way to grow professionally in theaters doing what he likes the most: causing laughter and happiness among people.


Ramón Muñoz is from Valladolid, the city where he was born as an artist. In 2002 he began to get his head into the world of monologues in a self-taught way, performing in some bars. After some time representing his functions, he decided to settle in Barcelona because of the opportunities that that city offered him on an artistic level.

One day Ramón was clear that he wanted to work in theaters to make himself known to the public and to have the option of making his performances last over time. In 2007 he began acting at the Teatreneu in Barcelona and worked there for three years, something that gave him the opportunity to develop professionally and make his way in his artistic career, which is becoming more consolidated every day.

From Mobs we give you the news that Ramón is already part of our community !


I introduced myself in a self-taught way to the world of monologues.

Hello Ramón, welcome to Mobs!
Q: You studied Economics and got a master's degree, how did you end up doing comedy? What caused such a radical change?

A: Halfway through my degree I began to feel that the economy was not my thing and I also noticed that I had concerns about communicating, expressing and making humor. It was at that moment that I launched myself to edit a fanzine specialized in humor and I called it LSD (Lineas Without Waste). I spent six years publishing that magazine and one of the copies ended up in the hands of the then director of El Informal, Javier Capitán, who contacted me to work there. When El Informal finished, I introduced myself in a self-taught way to the world of monologues.

Q: What did it mean for you to dedicate yourself professionally to comedy?

A: It meant realizing that what I had studied was not going to be worth anything to me. My mother at first questioned me, since I was stumbling from one place to another and believed that I was spoiling everything. However, making humor made me happy and fortunately the years have proved me right.

Q: When and how was the first time you acted as a professional comedian on stage?

A: It was in a monologue contest in a bar near my house. The function went very well for the low level as a comedian that he had at that time. Now I can't watch the video of that performance because I feel "embarrassed", but I remember that everyone ended up very happy with that performance.

Q: You started doing monologues in the early 2000s, what was the comedy format like in Spain in those years?

A: It was a completely new format and all the bars started hiring stand-up stand-ups. The problem is that there was a lot of intrusion by low-level artists who charged very low prices, and many bars accepted those prices, detracting from the quality of this profession. Over time, the theaters were picking up those professional comedians capable of dragging the public to the detriment of other spaces where comedy was no longer so widespread. And for this reason, comedy has remained in theaters and has practically disappeared in bars.


Collaborating with other professionals is a more social way of working because you share the experiences you have lived with the rest.

Q: How many shows do you have right now and which of them has been the most represented?

A: I have five shows and I'm working on one more. The most represented has been "Manías". If you ask me how many cumulative performances I have among all the shows, well, I have more than 1900 performances. I usually perform at least twice a week.

Q: You have also acted together with other monologists, what do these collaborations bring to you?

A: Collaborating with other professionals is a more social way of working because you share the experiences you have lived with the rest. I have also been working with a Catalan Sign Language interpreter on a comedy project for the deaf and it was a lot of fun. In particular, this has been one of the most beautiful experiences when collaborating with other artists: we try to unite deaf and hearing people through laughter. It was very rewarding.

Q: And this comedy project for the deaf, are you going to resume it one day?

A: Yes. This summer I have been talking with my partner and we have decided to try to pick it up again for September because the topic of “accessibility” is much hotter today than when we did it. So I think it will be a good idea.

Q: Do you have any stand-up stories you'd like to share with the Mobs community?

A: Once I was performing at the Teatreneu and I remember that all of a sudden the audience fell silent and I didn't know why. So, I made a visor with my hand and saw in the audience a girl vomiting with her parents next to her. Given this situation, I stopped the show to ask him if he was okay and I had to go to the kitchen to tell the staff to clean up the vomit, since I couldn't continue like this. When I got back on stage I had to redirect the situation a bit and I managed to say: “I'm going to continue, I know that there are slightly bad jokes in my repertoire, but so much so that you can…?!”. The show continued and after ten minutes the girl vomited again and I had to stop the show to repeat the previous protocol. I didn't understand the parents, why didn't they take her away? They stayed for the entire show and then I found out that they attended the next performance downstairs… Poor girl!


I am creating another show that is on the way and that I will premiere when this situation improves.

Q: What has been the most important professional event you have had this year?

A: (He remains thoughtful) As a result of the pandemic, perhaps the most professional fact is having had the willpower during confinement to rehearse daily. I'm very glad that I did this because when I went back to acting a month ago I felt very fresh and had the feeling that time had not passed.

Q: And apart from your functions, do you currently have any other project in hand?

A: Yes. On the one hand, I have the project for deaf people that I already mentioned and on the other my participation in Mobs, with which I am very excited because I think it is a new idea and it could work very well. I was also contacted by a psychologist who wanted to give motivational talks for companies and asked me to make a humorous monologue out of her words. I am also creating another show that is on the way and that I will premiere when this situation improves.

Q: How was your experience in Mobs making custom videos? What do you think our platform can bring you?

A: For now I have two personalized videos and I am very happy. Mobs can help me work faster, be more creative in less time and work under pressure, which sometimes comes in handy. I can also take advantage of what the client tells me to make jokes that I can possibly use in my shows. Everything that is creating and doing scripts always helps and allows you to evolve. I am delighted with life with feedback because people end up very happy.


Ramón LSD continues his work of making people laugh and shares all his projects, shows and experiences on his website so that no one misses out. This comedian is committed to new challenges with enthusiasm and will despite the difficulties that may exist.

This professional makes the public exorcise everything that makes them feel bad and has welcomed Mobs with open arms to continue causing laughter and humor through their personalized videos.


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