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Vanina Vincent, a singer-songwriter who caresses the senses

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Vanina Vincent, una cantautora que acaricia los sentidos

Vanina is a creative singer-songwriter who has joined the MOBS family.

Vanina Vincent is Argentine by birth but grew up in Tuscany, Italy.

She began to develop her artistic career in 2010, but from a very young age she began to compose her first songs and investigate the music scene.

It was in 2011 when he presented his songs to the public in Seville for the first time in the old room "La Estación", a place where well-known singer-songwriters such as Rozalén or Adriana Moragues have performed.

This versatile and traveling artist has visited many cities and countries with her guitar partner to participate in concerts and events in the independent sphere, an experience that has led her to merge different musical styles.

The artistic projects that Vanina has promoted have a woman's name. An example of this is the Voces de Luna event, which she organizes every year in Argentina to give visibility to the artistic works of other women.

This singer-songwriter, constantly experimenting and growing, has jumped on the bandwagon of the MOBS family and we are delighted to have her with us. Welcome Vanina!


"Experimenting helps me keep my curiosity alive"

Q: Hello Vanina, you are a singer-songwriter in constant growth and evolution, how did music come into your life?

A: From a very young age I liked to sing. I remember that I sang the songs that I heard on TV while traveling with my grandmother on the colectivo (bus) in Buenos Aires. Doing this transported me to a state of well-being and calm.

At the age of ten I composed my first songs when I traveled from Argentina to Italy, music being a tool that calmed me down.

I was always very creative and felt the need to transform my emotions and moods into something that was art. That's why I chose music.

Q: What are you looking to convey through music?

A: Through music I want to transmit what I live in my daily reality. I always need to contribute something new. Experimentation in music leads me to discover new possibilities , which are endless.

Experimenting helps me keep my curiosity alive.

Q: You are a traveling artist and very versatile, can you tell us about your most important achievements in your artistic journey?

A: One of my achievements was when I began to play in public in Seville, in a place called “La Estación”, where many singer-songwriters like Rozalén, Muerdo, or Adriana Moragues passed by.

I shared the stage and friendship with artists I admire and like, such as Destylería or Fran Mariscal. That was a very valuable beginning for me. I also played quite big events in Buenos Aires and Germany, which left me very satisfied.

I have also recorded several demos of my songs and that is something that I keep as a small treasure.

Another of my milestones was the recording of my first album in 2019 , which reflects the musical process that I have carried out throughout my journey.

«In these last years I managed to travel and at the same time play, something that was a gift for me»

Q: It was in Seville in 2011 when you marked your musical beginnings on the live stage. What did that new experience mean for you?

A: I was super nervous! The stage is a place you get on and you don't even know where you're standing (laughs).

In addition to the good sound and the audience, there was someone who recorded the entire concert, which allowed me to see a posteriori everything that I was able to convey to the audience.

Being on stage, despite the initial discomfort, makes me behave very naturally and allows me to share what I like.

Q: In addition to Spain, you have performed in other countries and cities. What has traveling with your music to so many places brought you on an artistic level?

A: From a very young age I am used to traveling and I have always felt the need to move to other places.

My home is where my guitar is . I am very grateful that music is a universal language that can be carried and proposed in places where they do not understand your language.

In recent years I managed to travel and at the same time play, something that was a gift to me.

Q: During your artistic journey you have had very interesting projects on your hands, one of them is the event "Voces de Luna", aimed at women artists, which came to light in 2014 in Buenos Aires and has lasted until now, why Did you decide to promote this initiative?

A: Voces de Luna is an event that arose from the need to share the stage with other women artists and their work.

I came from a city where I did not have a large public, so I decided to promote this event to share with other women and enrich each other, and also this for the public is a new proposal.

Later, it was not only singer-songwriters and musicians, but there were also painters, poets, theater artists, and all the forms of art that could be on stage were made up of women.

"It seems to me that the idea of ​​MOBS has great potential"

Q: Since April this year, every full moon you have released a new single. Can you explain to us why?

A: I recorded an album last year, in 2019, and my intention was to release it in March of this year.

However, as this has been a special year, I did not have the chance to do a live premiere.

Taking this situation into account, I came up with the idea of ​​releasing an unpublished song from that album every full moon.

Some people told me that they connected with the moon thanks to receiving one of my songs every month, and that feedback makes me very happy.

Q: You have come to MOBS with a great desire to share your art and your message with people, how is your experience here? What do you think it brings you to launch personalized messages through MOBS?

A: It seems to me that the idea of ​​MOBS has great potential and since I became part of the family I immediately felt very welcome .

I believe that this platform is a tool that can stimulate my creativity and deliver feelings in a way that touches people's souls, like music does.

I am very happy and I hope that this family continues to grow and that it has visibility.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on the role that MOBS plays with artists?

A: I think MOBS is really taking into account various aspects of the artist's creative process.

The platform is assuming a role of mediation between the public and the artist as well as taking care that everything comes out in the most creative, artistic and exciting way possible.

MOBS gives space for the artist to bring new possibilities to the platform according to their needs and expectations.

I have felt very accompanied by MOBS when it comes to writing a song for someone and I think that a platform like this encourages you to improve yourself, because you are carrying out commissions to transmit very important messages to people.

«MOBS gives space for the artist to bring new possibilities to the platform according to their needs and expectations»

At the end of this interview, Vanina made it clear to us that music for her is passion, discovery and manifestation.

In addition, this artist seeks through her music to explore the unknown and caress the senses of all people.

She is an artist with great potential who will surely bring many positive things to our MOBS family.

Thanks for being a part of MOBS, Vanina!

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