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spoiled tantrum
clown around the world
The Clownching
Ready and willing to deliver that message that will brighten your day.
Dr. Candelaria
I am Dr. Candelaria from the Dr. Clown Foundation
dr blue
I am Dr Azul from the Dra Clown Foundation
Dr Tovermory
I'm Dr. Tovermory from the Dr. Clown Foundation
Dr. Glugli
I am Dra. Gugli from the Dra. Clown Foundation
dr picarin
Picarín with a lot of swing»
Iván Hermes
I am a professional actor, vocational clown and circumstantial singer
Sivrinka Sadaspatranka
By Nanu Ferrari - actor and showman
New Motorcycles
Stand-up comedian and sketch actress
Jose Bailón
Comedian, founder of the Comedy Club Barcelona
Eva Bogus
Rocío Raval
Actress, comedian and urban poet.
Juano Velez
Actor cómico y clown
Comediante, Clown y actor de Improvisación.
Ron Chavez
Especialista en Improvisación Teatral (IMPRO)

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