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The Rancid
Writer of El Asesino de la Regañá
New Motorcycles
Stand-up comedian and sketch actress
Rocío Raval
Actress, comedian and urban poet.
Wiki Triky the storyteller
bethlehem caccia
Miss Tupper Sex
Actress, Comedian and Monologuist - MISS TUPPER SEX
The Clownching
Ready and willing to deliver that message that will brighten your day.
Silvia Bozo
singer-songwriter I put lyrics, music, heart and soul to feelings
Cuckoo Poison
Mischievous character of Cuban idiosyncrasy.
Gonzalo Valderrama
Stand-up comedian, storyteller, scriptwriter, father... very Colombian
Double of Maleficent
Francesca Vegas. Double of Angelina and Maleficent
Adriana Procel
Modelo, locutora y actriz de doblaje
Leisha Medina
Actriz de doblaje profesional y cantante
John Spaziale
Soy el doble de Jack Sparrow

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