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dr blue

I am Dr Azul from the Dra Clown Foundation
Hello, Let's play rap: «I was born from the blue star near the Moon, I am blue because blue is my nose from my cradle. Blue is also my light that brings you peace, tranquility, love, games and much more. I want you to laugh, I want you to play, that through your dreams you navigate to a world of fantasy, love and joy. Let's do it with your video too.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
elena g.
Very nice!

Gonzalo really liked Dr. Azul's video. It was super fun and super nice to see how he was looking at the screen hallucinated. It was a very tender experience.

llllll lol
Very pretty

I have asked this clown for a video for my niece and her reaction has been super funny, the girl did not understand anything but she was super excited and when she finished she asked me to put it on again :) I was very surprised by her reaction and We have also contributed to a good cause, so all of 10.

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