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custom interpretations

The ogre that achieves everything
custom monologues
Coria Castillo
Actress, comedian...a showgirl but I don't get naked...well, it depends.
I'm weird
comedy duo of women
Peka Mimosa
Cuckoo Poison
Mischievous character of Cuban idiosyncrasy.
Comedian who seeks to inspire through his videos
spoiled tantrum
clown around the world
Toño Cuellar
Hi, I'm a TV, Film, Advertising and Theater Actor.
Juano Velez
Actor cómico y clown
Shirley Stonyrock
Artista Drag - Casa Drag Latina
Rey Melchor
Rey Melchor
Marta Naharro
Actriz y cómica
Arpista Colombiana.Músicas del mundo

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