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Our artists are our family.

Every day we meet people with extraordinary talent. Musicians, comedians, magicians, actors and actresses, animators, composers and more.

Fighters who have made their way in their profession and who stand out for their effort and persistence. Normal and ordinary people like you who one day made the decision to take a risk, leave everything and bet on their talent. People who are chasing their dream.

We are technology and people. We are as we are and we are faithful to it. We practice respect, admiration and humility. We connect with the honesty of people.

Our people are the most important thing for us. We love you and care for you.

We promote true relationships. We believe that working on what one likes is a privilege and we want to help more artists to continue doing so.

We listen and work with effort and passion to improve. We share experiences and learning to evolve. We think that 1 +2 is 5.

We dream and make dreams come true.

We bring people together with the desire to add.

We are the community of talent.

Musicians, comedians, magicians, actors, clowns, athletes, broadcasters... professionals who have already achieved everything or who are still making their way in the profession, with effort and persistence. Normal and ordinary people who one day decided to take a risk and bet on living from their passion.

And it is that overflowing talent that motivates us the most to continue growing.

We work to attract talented people willing to bring joy, surprise, inspire and, above all, add value.

Our people are the most important thing for us. We love and care for them, we go out of our way for them, because it is thanks to them that we can share experiences and promote connections.

Because together we always go further.

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