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Connect with your fans in a genuine way.

Send video messages to your fans.

Have your followers ever asked you for a video message to surprise someone.

You would like to strengthen and deepen the relationship with your fans to gain more engagement .

You are looking for new ways to monetize your time and diversify your income.

At Mobs we help artists like you to strengthen the relationship with their followers and generate a new source of income.

How MOBS works?

Send video messages to your followers and generate an alternative source of income that you can use for your professional career or a social cause.

Your followers ask you for a video

You record the video with the help of the instructions

We send it to you and manage the entire process

you enjoy doing
Are your followers happy?

At MOBS we help you achieve it.

Ramón LSD, comedian and screenwriter, records a video of Raquel, who forgot her best friend's birthday, for Desiree.

Raquel Molina, singer and songwriter, records a message in the form of a song for Lolita from her children.

Guillem Estadella, comedian, records a video of David and Glen for Xavi and María so that they can invite them to their new house in Mallorca.

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What our artists say

“I love making these types of videos that connect so much with people.”

- Raquel Molina, singer-songwriter

“It is a great satisfaction to see how emotional a personalized video can be. ”
- Borja Nicolau, comedian

“With this type of video you really touch the heart and everyone appreciates it so much.”

- Davi Lorenzo, singer-songwriter

Frequent questions

What is Mobs Nation and what advantage does it offer me?

Mobs Nation on a platform designed so that anyone (fan or not) can ask you for a video message and you get paid for it. This allows you to establish a closer relationship with your fans, as well as monetize your time while doing what you love the most.

What is a personalized video?

A recording of a few minutes with the dedication that the fan wants. It can be a birthday greeting, good news, a happy divorce or any other occasion. The fan provides the necessary data at the time of the order so that you can personalize the video. The duration of the videos is chosen by you with a minimum of 90 seconds.

How many days do I have to make a video?

You choose the deadline days to deliver the videos and you can change them depending on your availability for the following orders but never for an order that is already in progress.

How do I deliver the video to you?

In the same email in which you receive the order details you will see an "upload" link to easily upload the video.

Talk to me about money! How much, when and how?

The price to charge for each video is up to you. Of the total, we pay 75% and the rest is for Mobs Nation. Payments are made by PayPal or bank transfer - you choose.

If I have more questions, who answers me?

Write us an email to with your questions. We are always at your disposal.

Spread smiles and positive emotions with us.

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