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martin russo
How exciting!!!

Oh, what an illusion!! Hahahaha how well he sings, how beautiful the song, how handsome he is! How good everything! Hahahaha I loved it!!

great gift

I received a video of this girl from a good friend of mine and it made me cry, what a great detail. I didn't know this singer but I really liked her voice, it's very special. It was very exciting.

Noelia Alonso
mary carmen
That's good

This girl is very good, I really liked her voice and her message has also made me very excited. Very pretty

Unique and Awesome!

This was such a beautiful birthday gift. Thank you for sharing your magic with me :-), I know keeping the secret it is a "thing" in the world of magic. You are so talented. Thank you also to my dear friend Rachel for making me feel so loved, 🥺❤️❤️.

Helder Balanta
I liked it a lot

I really liked the video, she has a fantastic voice. I also really like that song. Thank you very much

Tony Cruz
A genius!!

Tony is a crack!! What a laugh of a video hahahaha my girl laughed a lot and me too! A lot of talent and he has transmitted the message super well, much better than I would have done! Uncle a genius

Sabrina Olmedo
Nora Ly(artistic)
Thank you Sabrina!!!!!!!!

Sabrina is the best! Thank you for your good or da, energy, sympathy and good wishes. Blessings to you and your family ❤️

Guille Bujalance
What a voice!!

Guille has a super wonderful voice and also you can see that he is a wonderful person and I am sure that many successes await him. Your video is wonderful!

Rosy Aguilera
Beautiful voice

This girl has a beautiful voice and she's all sweet. I really liked her song and she also gave me super good news. It was very nice when I saw the video and then my sister's face.

Genara Cortes
Ainhoa ​​Garcia Lara

I loved the video!
Art everywhere!
A fascinating voice! Thank you very much for the unique and special gift!

isma romero
I am a Fan!!

I'm a huge fan of Isma!! And her song Carlota is one of my favorites! I die with a video of yours personalized for me!!

Jose Bailon
very complete

The colleague is very funny, he made me laugh for a while, he is very crazy hahahaha I was excited about the gift :)

Alice Wolf
😂😂😂 It's total

Alice, awesome 🤩. What a laugh with the hair (you don't know how you got it right) and with the
Galician accent that you have put on her 🤣🤣. Thank you for the talent loan to send this message…I think you are already organizing the trip. Piece of Artist, thank you very much!

nice and motivating

I received a video of this clown from my girlfriend and I really liked the surprise, it was a very nice and motivating message. I have been a clown for many years but I have abandoned it for a long time. I want to get my red nose back. Thanks for the video.


Pataleta has made a really beautiful video, it is very sweet, the song is very good and she knew how to adapt each detail sent in the message, the birthday girl was happy, thank you Pataleta for brightening a heart on her birthday.

Geraldine Zivic
Lucas Silva

Great actress, beautiful woman and wonderful person. A Geraldine video makes your life happy and especially your heart. She is very affectionate and has a lot of light, she is a gift of person.


This guy's video is great, maybe he's not the real Charly but he's very cool, I loved it!! And he also sent me a nice message from my mom, what an illusion

eva isanta

The truth is that it has been wonderful, Lucía has not yet seen it on Sunday the 13th, it will be her birthday but she is going to hallucinate, for sure, since she is a big fan of lqsa and I am sure that soon she will be able to meet again with Eva who has personalized it and it has been great. Thank you very much Eva and many thanks to mobs for making it possible

diddi dj
Vanessa Herrera
I loved!!!

They gave me a birthday video and I loved it, what a great job!

Original and different!

The truth is that a happy birthday for Marilyn is the best, it has caused surprises and it has been super original!

dr blue
elena g.
Very nice!

Gonzalo really liked Dr. Azul's video. It was super fun and super nice to see how he was looking at the screen hallucinated. It was a very tender experience.

Very original

Francesca is super fun and original as well as being a beautiful person. How fun your videos with Beverly, what a bad milk the girl has hahaha. I'm already thinking of more colleagues to send a video of yours to :)

Cristina Porto
Is very good!

I love what this girl does, I have asked her for a parody for my mother and I am delighted with the result! Very funny.

Ines DMiguel
Pedro Hernandez

Excellent professional. Absolutely recommended. Thanks for the wonderful work.


Tremendous singer-songwriter, writer and poet!
His songs will undoubtedly mark a before and after in Chilean musical history.
Example of how to transform a simple idea into a poem accompanied by a guitar and a beautiful voice. Thank you Thank you for doing what you do!

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