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Frequently asked questions when you are filling out your profile

What should my presentation video contain?

Your introduction video is important for you to make yourself known: introduce yourself, explain what you do and announce to your fans that you are part of MOBS in just under 1 minute.

You must record it in vertical format with your mobile. Take a look at what our talents have in mind, get ideas, get inspired and do something original.

Take a look at these practical tips to avoid the most common mistakes.

Can I use a “selfie” type profile picture?

We do not recommend it. Our recommendation is that you use a professional photo. Failing that, try to make it of good quality, have good lighting, your expression is visible (a smile always invites more to explore). Avoid "selfies", photos in a bar with drinks on the bar or the clothes on the clothesline in your house in the background, as examples ;)

What price should I put on my videos?

One of the most frequent questions from our creators is what price should I put? Perhaps you already have it very clear, but if not, here are some reflections that can help you.

1. Decide on a price that your audience can afford.

2. You put the price in Euros, but you have to take into account the country where your fans are.

3. Guide your price according to the number of followers you have on Instagram and other social networks: more followers, higher price. Less followers, more accessible price.

Also keep in mind that the MOBS format is very innovative, so people may not be aware of it yet. So a more affordable price can help make it known.

Over time, many of our creators have been able to raise the price and consolidate requests. And the way in which they have been doing it is by starting with an affordable price and increasing from €5 to €5 from time to time.

If you still don't have it clear, ask us by WhatsApp.

How do company videos work?

When you allow the option to receive business orders, the option is enabled on your page, the client fills out a request form and our team receives it.

We manage company orders on a case-by-case basis, talk to you and set a price based on usage. You make the video and we take care of the management with the client.

What do the delivery days mean?

The delivery days you choose indicate the maximum delivery period for your orders. If you deliver the order before, great! If you deliver the order outside the selected period, the money is returned to the client and, therefore, you do not charge it.

Tip: Increase your chances of receiving orders by selecting a short delivery period.

What does the accept general discounts box mean?

If you select the option to allow discounts, you make it easier for people who want to order content from you to occasionally enjoy discounts.

When you accept discounts, the amount of the discount is passed on proportionally between your 75% and 25% of MOBS.

Our philosophy is not to abuse discounts because we know that what you do has a high value. For this reason, we will pass on discounts occasionally and never greater than 20%. Our recommendation is that you allow discounts because that way we help people try it.

However, the Welcome discount is always passed on to both parties regardless of whether or not you select the general discounts box (75% for your part and 25% for ours) and it is never more than €5 or 15% of the price of the video.

Can I modify my data in the profile at any time?

Yes. Your profile is always available so that you can improve it. You can change what is in it as many times as you want.

When I sign in to my account, I don't see my creator dashboard

Let us know by WhatsApp that we fix it ;-)

If I go on vacation or have a work peak, can I put my profile on pause?

Whether you have a high work peak or want to rest for a few days, you can put your profile on pause from your internal creator panel.

When your profile is paused, your audience can find you on the web, but when placing an order they can only leave their emails to receive an automatic notification when you are available again.

Can not find answer to your question?

Write to us at or in the WhatsApp group that we have created with you.

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