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ruben serrano

Semifinalist of the Got Talent 5 in Spain and creator of #elchisteexplicao

€30 — Receive it in 7 days

How great Ruben!! We laughed like you can't imagine, my cousin loved your video. Thank you very much!!! —Alberto

The Ogre that achieves everything

One of our TOP sales. Author of the song "I delete you from Feisbu"

€20 — Receive it in 3 days

Thank you very much Ogre!! One of the best ways to congratulate someone! We have laughed! You're great! Thank you really Ole youuuu!!! —Helena

Borja Nicolau

Comedian and communicator, obsessed with making people laugh, connecting and moving.

€50 — Receive it in 5 days

Thanks Borgia!!!! my mother has freaked out with the video. You have brought a smile and also a few tears. Thank you very much for the closeness!!! —David

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Black leg!

Ruben Faura

Witty, creative, everyone always likes him. He has a specialty: composing a comic RAP.

€30 — Receive it in 4 days.

Ruben!!!! Thank you very much!!!! The video has been super, we loved it, you have no idea how much we laughed. Thank you very much Ruben :D — Samuel

"A gift that leaves a mark and that you will never forget"


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