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personalized and dedicated magic trick.

Personalized videos created by artists for a unique gift.

They do it to you.
They are our best magicians.

Dedicated to the person you love.

mage karim

Tachan!!! Magic like a comedian and comedy like a magician.

€30 — Delivery in 7 days

Karim, what a great video, we have laughed like never before hahaha, my friend already needed to clear his mind and with your video we have achieved it, thank you very much.

Magician Jacob

Visual and charming. Magic for all your senses.

€15 — Delivery in 3 days — Proceeds earmarked for an NGO

Thanks Xacobe, it has been very original hahaha. I am very lucky with my better half :-) It has been a very special gift!!

Magician Tony

Fun and endearing, for adults and children.

€30 — Delivery in 7 days

Thank you very much Tony!!! The video was liked a lot and the whole family seemed super cool. We love the magic trick you do. We will repeat for sure!!!

How does it work? Very easy!

1/ Choose a wizard

2/ Write the details of that special person for you

3/ After a few days you receive a video

A unique and special gift with which you will be right for sure.

Black paw!

Magician Pedro Lucas

If you can dream it, Pedro can do it. And it will also make it fun and unforgettable.

€30 — Delivery in 7 days

It's a pass!!! How did you work Pedro!!! we love. With our mouths open we are left!! Gorgeous... :)

All our magicians have a maximum delivery of 7 days.

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“A surprising gift that we will always remember”


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