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Say it with a song.

Personalized videos created by artists for a unique gift.

Who does it to you?

They and they compose a song from your words.

Esther Barbary

Personalized, fresh and cheerful music sung with a huge and sincere smile.

€50 — Receive it in 10 days

“Thank you Esther for conveying the message so beautifully to my daughters. From now on they are your fans!!! They have learned the song and sing it every day.” - Sergio

Jerome Velasco

Pure talent! Start happiness in your gift. His music is yours, and your story is his.

€50 — Receive it in 10 days

«With your work, Jero, the song has been a hit. Tears that have escaped, palms and dance; emotions on the surface» — Laura


Personalized covers or songs composed for you in the pop/folk style

€48 — Receive it in 4 days

«It was really surprising that suddenly Adeline turned to me and dedicated that beautiful song to me!!! congratulations mobs!! Highly recommended, different and simple to give as a gift!!» — Hyacinth

How does it work?
Very easy!

1/ Choose a musician

2/ Write the details of that special person for you

3/ Receive your video to give away after a few days

Send a message of thanks or an "I love you".

david lorenzo

Singer and songwriter who transforms your message to the sound of her piano.

€50 — Receive it in 3 days

«Thank you Davi for this beautiful song. My friend has been amazed and amazed at the lyrics, the music and your piano. Thank you!!!! Your talent is wonderful 😍 » — Lidia

“It has been beautiful. We have cried and laughed together with emotion»


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