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We are culture and it is important to take care of what we are.

We believe that it is important to take care of the good things we have and, therefore, we generate opportunities for artists to continue creating.

#SomosCultura is a movement born from the need to express oneself.

Art and culture are in one of the most critical moments in history due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Limited capacity, canceled events,... Better times will come soon.

Local and emerging artists are the base of the industry's demographic pyramid. The entire sector faces a great challenge: digitization .

But since when is an artist also a techie? What can an artist do who lives from his own skittles, from his art or from acting? Live on grants? If you get them. Quit?

We believe that the world will be better if more people pursue their passion.

For all these reasons, we have created a new way of consuming art and culture with the help of technology.

We have created a new format so that the artist can continue doing what they like best from anywhere. And to do it for you and at your request.

We innovate so that artists have new formats to share their art.

We support all paths that lead to the consumption of art and culture.

Join our cause and share the project. The artists and our team will thank you with generosity and happiness.

A million thanks!

Culture is the base and foundation of what we were, of what we are and of what we will become, and it exists in us from the moment we are born.

To entertain, provoke, inspire or entertain… there are more and more ways to consume CULTURE and we are increasingly looking for more leisure spaces to enjoy it. Because there are as many ways to celebrate CULTURE as there are people.

At MOBS we work to support culture and facilitate the digital transformation of the sector. We accompany those brave people who decide to dedicate their lives to filling ours with culture and entertainment, in any of the many forms that exist and will exist.

We innovate so that talents have new formats to share their talent and engage with their followers like never before.

We are culture, and it is vital to ensure that we can continue to be so, that is why we support all paths that lead to the consumption of art and entertainment.


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