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David Amón Delgado

Actor, Announcer, Good Verse Decider
Hello, here a friend. A someone with a bit of a crazy poet. If you want to surprise someone, give me their name, surname and some trait of their person and I will compose and say an acrostic. Surprise someone with a poem, poetry, verse, what a gift and a pleasure for me as an author and troubadour rhapsodist. You will not regret it, I wait for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Peter Alonso
An honor

I never thought that the written word had so much therapeutic power. When I read the poem “Un honor” it comforts and encourages me. For all this I never get tired of reading and rereading the poem, because it takes me to another younger age and evokes moments of happiness and friendship. Thanks, David.

There are "gifts" and possible mobs: THE GIFT

I didn't even know what it was until Amón Delgado (Don David) by order and through "mobs" composed a personalized one for me, expanding my knowledge.

Being grateful for any detail is not the same as a pair of socks or the classic set of frying pans...

To be SURPRISED with something new as original as it is exciting, something tailor-made, composed with talent and recited with passion and a voice of thunder (priceless). Excellent! I will never forget the feeling listening to it.

Thanks to the person who commissioned it, to "mobs" and to David (for caressing my soul with his art). Full hit. Guaranteed emotion. A past very to take into account to entertain. from heart

Araceli Fajardo
An original and emotional gift

I loved it, I didn't expect it, original, poetic, emotional, something to remember for a lifetime, bravo for the people who move you with these details and make them even more special.

Eva Raboso

Thank you very much for your wonderful acrostic. So much art and beauty. Piece of talented artist and more ➕️. Thanks again David.


An artist with a lot of interpretive talent and a lot of creativity in the verses. An honor and a satisfaction to have received an acrostic of David as a gift.

Very original

I received an acrostic of David from my girl and it seemed like a very original gift. It is very beautiful and the truth is that it has caused me a lot of emotion. I had never thought of such a gift. Very thankful.


The fight between light and shadows. Wow!. It couldn't have been better for me at this point in my life.
You have given me life, you have given me wings and I am delighted to see everything in perspective.
David, I am moved by the words you have dedicated to me.
You are good.
Thank you for your time to compose this wonderful acrostic.
My deepest respect,
An identity seeker.

pure feeling

David is able to convey your emotions better than yourself. I will repeat

It is a wonder

It seemed like a real wonder! I had never received a gift like this and less in this format, it is super original. Thank you, Amon for so much talent. I myself will give this gift to someone, I already have a couple of names in my head hehe

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