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Musician and composer
Hi, I'm Bella! I love spreading joy and "musical health" to the world. I am fascinated by body rhythm. I am a singer, actress, dancer and specialist in Body Music. I have been part of the MAYÚMANA company. My first album has been recorded in Joaquín Sabina's studio. Give music, give life, give a unique and exclusive video!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Thank you so much Bel for such a beautiful song!!!

Maria de la Morena Castro
special ❤️

Thank you Bel for this wonderful song, it contains such a special, energetic and sweet message that you heal the soul, thank you very much 😊

Sensitivity, love and strength

Dear Bel:
Thank you very much for this gift that has touched my family and me so deeply.
We get very excited and it has also been like taking a trip through time of love, learning and tenderness.
Also hearing the name of my mother's town has been very special. Only someone from another planet can create such beauty.
A big hug and many successes!

Laura F.

I couldn't stop crying with emotion, I couldn't have had better lyrics...what a beautiful and sweet voice, totally recommended, thank you, thank you for being so special, what a great job, we loved it, without a doubt we will repeat on another occasion. A hug 🤗

Anthony Resines
It has been beautiful!

Ana and I thought it was a beautiful song. We thank you very much for the love you have put into it, I know the work behind it. Let's see if we see each other some day. I send you hugs and greetings Bel.


Super grateful to Bel and her companion Juan for this wonderful song, it has exceeded all my expectations and you have made my daughter and me very happy.
I already knew Bel from live performances and when she finished she always left with a happy heart. A wonderful singer and songwriter.
This song that you have composed for my daughter, has moved me, beautiful, full of magic, heart, sensitivity and a lot of art. Pure poetry that has caressed and cheered our souls.
This gift is the best I have been able to choose to congratulate my dear daughter Pilar.

Blessings and we keep in touch. A hug from a grateful heart.

Wonderful song

The truth is that I only have words of gratitude towards Bel; It's a wonder how well he captured everything I wrote for him to compose a song to my sister. A voice, to my liking, that sounds like angels, is pure tenderness and sensitivity, besides, the song she composed was accompanied by another partner; they made a wonderful duo. Without disrespecting other singers or other artists, Bel seems to me to be ten, although at first the price may seem a bit high, once his work is finished, you realize that you do not regret paying that money because it is a gift for the person you are sending it to and at the same time for yourself. I totally recommend it.

Vero Rios Rios

Thank you Bel for this special gift you have given me. It was for me "Pa" the end I've earned a great gift for myself too!
I feel that you can read, discover the emotion, the vibration that exists in people and that makes music more human. Thank you forever.

carmen six
Happy with Bel's song

It has been a special gift made with much love and care.
Bel has put her heart to work to give me this song and to be able to offer my daughter and her partner in this very special moment (the arrival of her son) this beautiful gift.
Thank you Bel, I am very happy to see their happiness when listening to it

magic at christmas

Precious Thank you very much for the gift in the form of a song. For me it has been a very nice deep message with skin.
Best of all laughter because the song starts so happy that I saw myself jumping for joy across a meadow. Thank you always for your dedication and your art, a mixture with which you create your unique Magic.
I will repeat!!!!! 😉 ❤️

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