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Dr Tovermory

I'm Dr. Tovermory from the Dr. Clown Foundation
I am Dr. Tovermory, I have come to Colombia from St. Petersburg, Russia with the mission of stopping Doctor Boredom and combating acute malagetosis, I love to generate a lot of laughter and laughter, so I will make you a video that you will never forget.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
They have loved it

I asked for a video for my twins and they had a great time watching it, they told me they wanted to meet this spy clown :) It was very cool and we have a super original and super cool memory. To repeat!!

Maria Isabel
Very funny!!

Super fun this clown! What a beautiful way to get smiles, my daughter was hallucinated looking at the screen and now she asks me to put the video on every day. It is a wonderful gift!

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