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Esther Barbary

Singer and composer
Hello! I'm Esther and I've been singing professionally for more than half my life. Whenever I have a concert I still get nervous before going on stage, but that makes me give it my all in the end and not stop smiling. Now, from MOBS, I will be happy to help you surprise that special person with a unique and personal song.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lavinia Aurelia Manolache
He loved it

My boy loved it a lot, he did not expect this special gift, thank you very much 😊

All a success!!!

Thank you Esther for lending me your talent and your voice to make an unforgettable Christmas message for all my contacts. They loved it, I have received many messages of affection in return, so proof passed. I will repeat next year for sure.

Carlos A.
An unimaginable, exciting and original surprise

If the flowers work... you can't imagine a totally personalized congratulation song: lyrics, music and the story it contains. My surprise was even greater when I consulted the person who hired Esther and she confirmed the few details she had shared with her. It's incredible that with the little information he gave him, my song was just perfect. Each verse and each chorus express details that unite us. Simply delicious. Congratulations to the artists, not only for singing and playing so well, but for having been able to capture emotions, feelings and so much affection, and pack it all in two minutes. I can't stop listening to it and sharing it with my other friends!

Jorge Martinez
Anniversary song Carmela

Incredible production, it was amazing. We presented the theme at the company's anniversary party and it was a complete success.


I loved the surprise and Esther sang and above all transmitted joy and closeness, as if she really knew our history.

Energy and emotion!!!

Wonderful song!! The challenge was not easy but Esther managed to transmit all the strength and feeling that we were looking for.
I couldn't imagine any other way to surprise and get a few more original tears of emotion than with the MOBS that Esther prepared.
Super recommended!!!

Beautiful, superior...

When we delivered the song to Grandfather "Nando", his face reflected a resounding success with the gift and with the work done by Esther, a capital ARTIST that we can personally enjoy thanks to this platform. It is the second time that he requested a song and I am sure that it will not be the last, he digests the information that I provide him perfectly to create ART. Always exceeding expectations. THANK YOU

Maria Mercedes Reguero
My daughter Andrea's birthday!

Esther is a spectacular songwriter and singer. This is the second MOB that he has done for me and it turned out super wonderful. I loved it and my daughter too. He is very punctual and very professional. I recommend it 100%. You are unique and very special. Much success and may you flourish and prosper.


"Is there a gift in the world more beautiful than a song?" That's what my wife told me when I gave her MOBS. I had opted for a different gift... and I was right! Thanks to Esther for giving life -and what a life!- to feelings. You should be in the national TOP3 (sharing a podium with Amaral and Rozalén) with that big voice ;) I had heard you live before in Madrid, but having you forever is BRUTAL. Thanks to Jero for creating such beautiful things. As Tania says "it's the typical song that could play on the radio and I would listen on a loop, on a loop, on a loop..."

Dare to give away music!

You're the best

You are a machine Esther, the song that you have composed for my wife has enchanted her, she has not stopped crying with joy and the lyrics that you have composed for her. It is our relationship in a song, perfect. It is the best gift she has ever received Dyed. Thanks for the lyrics and the melody. Thank you very much!!!! It has been a wise choice to choose you. Thank you very much again😘. I recommend it 100%

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