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Eve Isanta

Actress "There is no one to live here", "The one that is coming"
Hi, I'm Eva Isanta! Series and theater actress, among other things from "Here there is no one who lives" and "La que se avecina". I have joined MOBS because it seems like a good way to connect with you. All the money raised will go directly to Hambre Cero, an NGO born from the pandemic that provides food to the most disadvantaged families. Cheer up!

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Customer Reviews

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Olga Corral Briega

The truth is that it has been wonderful, Lucía has not seen it yet, on Sunday the 13th it will be her birthday but she is going to be amazed, for sure, since she is a great fan of lqsa and I am sure that soon she will be able to meet again with Eva who has personalized it and has been wonderful. Thank you very much Eva and many thanks to mobs for making it possible

Mari Sea
How exciting

What an illusion Eva's video has been a super wonderful experience. I asked for it with very little notice and even being super busy she took a little while to record the video so that I would have it the day I needed it. Is the best!!


It was a very nice gift, very special. My partner has been hyper-surprised to the point that he thought it could be a montage because he had a hard time believing that one of his favorite actresses was addressing her.
Eva isanta has transmitted a very personalized message, she has put a lot of love into it and the truth is that we have loved it. Thanks a million Eve! A great actress and shows to be a very close and human person.

Big surprise

Too bad I couldn't record my partner's reaction when I put the video on it, but it was great, we both ended up crying 🤣.
The only but was that I think I gave too many names and Eva got confused and at the end I congratulate one of my daughters called Eva haha, but very well, we have enjoyed it a lot.

a gift

My teenage nephews loved it. Eva has been affectionate and close, it seemed that she had known them forever. The boys have hallucinated with the gift. I totally recommend it if you really want to surprise someone. A beautiful memory that will stay with them forever.

Aitor Bilbao

It is a video-gift that has achieved maximum results. The surprise that Susana (my wife) and my 5 children have received has been the best gift for everyone.
Eva, you are a crack!!!!
You have made a top video!!!!

Luis Albas

The experience was very nice and my daughter loved it. Thanks Eva.

kathya poyatos Guerrero

I loved the video it was beautiful my family was very moved thank you very much for this video that will remain for the memory

Judith Sanz Ferre
Amazing! Very personalized and beautiful!

Hello Eva! I just saw and listened to the video you have prepared for our son on the occasion of his 18th birthday and I was very moved! That last!! Thank you very very much!! It's still 3 months before we show it to him (we like to have things early), but I'm sure he's going to love it. and thrill him, for sure!!.. I have goosebumps.
For now, we have to keep this secret, but I promise we will give you new feedback when he can hear it. I liked you as an actress, but now even more!
The video is very personalized, taking into account everything that we transmit to you... Wow! Super grateful, really!

I freaked out!

I would say so many things that I don't even know where to start. First for thanking my brother for such a trip that we have taken. I couldn't have had a better emcee to break the news to me. Eva you are unique, great, beautiful inside and out. Thank you infinite for giving me this surprise, for dedicating a little of your time... to ME, incredible. It has made me very excited. I repeat sure, this is amazing.

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