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Ismael Galletero

Hello! I'm Ismael Galletero from GALLETA!!, I'm a comedian and a monologist. For me, comedy is a way of seeing life, as well as a therapy. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving away a moment of laughter, do not hesitate to be part of this therapy. Tell me all kinds of details and I promise not to take as long as Social Security.

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Customer Reviews

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Rosa Perez Hair
thank you thousand

I really liked the personalized video and it arrived just in time. Ismael, thank you for your dedication because it surprised me. I know I made a good choice and that you were the right person to congratulate my nephew.

Guaranteed laughs.

Good afternoon, a few days ago I requested a personalized video of the great comedian Ismael Galletero to congratulate my brother-in-law Basilio on his 50th birthday.
What to say about the video, apart from the fact that Ismael is a hell of a comedian, I laughed a lot when mobs sent me the video and I have to confess that I saw it before forwarding it to my brother-in-law and I was blown away by the ease and ease that Ismael has to create a monologue, apart from giving me a few laughs.
When my brother-in-law saw him, it was another story, he was amazed, he told me that I was doing very well and that my sister burst out laughing at his expense, and as I say, I recommend Ismael Galletero 100% because he is a spectacular comedian and enjoying a show by him live is another story, but I'm not going to tell you about that, it's better to follow him on social networks and find out about all his soirees.
Thank you very much and surely in the family we will repeat.
Millions of kisses.

Carolina De la Rosa

I asked Ismael for a video for my 14-year-old nephew, it was all very easy and fast. He asked me for references and anecdotes and in no time he had a little personalized monologue for my nephew.
We had a laugh with the whole family.
It is an original and very particular and personalized gift.
Thank you for helping me make this gift.
You are a great comedian...
No doubt more orders have already occurred to me.
I recommend it 100%. It will not disappoint.

a jar of laughter

Well it was the bomb! hahaha, thanks Ishmael. You are a crack!

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