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Jerome Velasco

Musician and composer
Hello! I'm Jero, and for a long time I decided to make a living doing what I like, like photography, videos, graphic design, doing tattoos... And above all, creating and sharing my music, and now, I want to share my music with you Let me move that special person in a different way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fabian Delgado
Excellent composition 👌

Jero, thank you for your composition, it was incredible and it caused great emotions in the person it was addressed to and in me... the way in which you were able to collect all the words and feelings to make such a beautiful song is excellent, thank you

Sandra Bernal
my mom cried

Jerome, thank you for composing an exceptional song for my beautiful mother. My mother is not a person who shows a lot of emotion but you hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

Jorge Martinez
Song Carmela Anniversary...

Incredible production, it was amazing. We presented the theme at the company's anniversary party and it was a complete success.

Gift Teacher Class 2 years - AWESOME

We loved it! All the parents gave a touch of each child, and he managed to do a wonder! The teachers were very moved and we were the same. The truth is that it is something very original, and it is worth it! Thank you very much for that talent that helped us do something special. You are a great artist.


The sweetness with which Jero has created a work of such value with only a description of the person and the situation, is indescribable. It was an end-of-year and farewell gift for a teacher and for him it was the most special gift ever given to him. I will repeat the experience without a doubt, there is no more beautiful gift than being able to touch the person's heart. Thank you very much Jero, ARTIST


I would never have thought that the result would be so perfect. Thanks Jero!

Excellent work.

When we delivered the song to Grandpa "Nando", his face reflected a resounding success with the gift and with the work done by Jero, ARTIST in capital letters that we can personally enjoy thanks to this platform. It is the second time that he requested a song and I am sure that it will not be the last, he digests the information that I provide him perfectly to create ART. Always exceeding expectations. THANK YOU

Ramon LSD
Jero never disappoints!

Musical black leg. Jero is a fantastic musician, capable of giving you a rhythm that is as cool as it is catchy for any song you ask him to compose. I asked him for a song for my friend Verónica's birthday and his song managed to put her on an emotional roller coaster for almost 4 minutes. Thank you very much, Jero. A great gift, an exceptional job.

My love story made song

Hello Jero. My husband has already received your song and it has moved him a lot. Thank you very much. From now on it will be our song ❤️

Gift to the love of my life

I love it, and I know he does too. Highlighting the phrases of our favorite group is a hoot, it seems you know them well. Thank you very much for describing how I feel about him with your art ❤️

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