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The ogre that achieves everything

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Vaudeville or charlotte? Both, and more. An authentic street star, without complexes, without shame, and without modesty; excessive in everything. The All-Achievement Ogre is an actress, singer, presenter, playwright, and model. Under a parody cloak, the Ogre distributes truths like fists, and creations like "Gazpacho", "Gorda Traicionera" or "Te Borro del Feisbuh" have been among the most watched videos on YouTube in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Irene Penas Murias
The best gift for any occasion

Thank you so much for your great work, "Dear All-Achievement Ogre"! It has exceeded all my expectations, even the most optimistic ones, because the gift has been a complete success. It is very difficult to surprise my partner with something and seeing his face when he received it has been a "great moment" that I will never forget. I think he's already taught it to everyone and he's not very given to so much "effusiveness" (ha ha ha!). The message, in addition to being magnificently interpreted, is a perfect mix of humor and tenderness. Without a doubt, I will repeat. "Ogra", once again, infinite thanks for having made such a special video (we never get tired of watching it). A big hug from those of us who are now also your fans.

Rodrigo Garcia
cool birthday greeting

It was a gift for my partner and she was delighted! Of course he did not expect it so as originality, absolute. And La Ogra managed to make the result very personalized and close, so be delighted with it!


Great as always!

A few months ago we already commissioned a birthday video-congratulation for a friend, and it was a huge success. So for Mother's Day, instead of a cologne or any unnecessary nonsense, it occurred to me that a personalized greeting like this would be great. My mother hasn't seen it yet (until the 8th...), but at home we loved it and I'm sure she's going to be moved and laugh at the video.
If you want a special congratulations, do not think about it: you are in the right place. Long live the Ogre!!

elena garcia
I love it!!

Thank you very much Ogre!! One of the best ways to congratulate someone! We have laughed! You're great! Thank you really, Ole youuuu!!!

A wonderful and special gift

We loved it!! I think it is a very original and absolutely personalized detail. It's not every day that La Ogra will go to congratulate you on your birthday!
Highly recommended.

I'm lovin 'it.

I'm lovin 'it. Thank you very much to La Ogra, because the video has thousands of personalized details, it seems that he has known us all his life. Thank you very much and I hope that there will be many more occasions in which to carry out this type of surprise that excites the followers of these artists.

go with the jarrrrte

Go with the jarrrrte that the Ogre has! Very grateful, my wife loved it, we will repeat it for sure! 😘

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