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Míriam Díaz-Aroca

Actress, journalist and Speaker
Hello!!! I am Míriam Díaz-Aroca, actress, journalist and speaker. Specialist in RAISING hearts. I am here to spread JOY and put my TALENT and CARING at your service for a congratulations, a message of encouragement, love, thanks... Part of my income will go to pamper my fellow actors and actresses of the AISGE Foundation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fantastic and fun!

Miriam, your video could not have been more successful. It has been exciting, fun, detailed... it shows that you have done it from the heart. You have a gift for communication and a lot of intuition about the person behind the request. In addition, your solidarity in making a contribution to an NGO not only honors you but also gives the gift added value. Thank you for contributing to this precious gift. Hey you!

Excited and happy for this great gift in the form of talent and generosity.

Since I received the video, I haven't stopped watching it over and over again... And it is because Míriam, with her greatness, has been able to convey the emotion, feeling and immense affection that I want to convey to my brother with my message. It is a luxury, of course, to count on her complicity to, as she herself says, make people happy. Infinite thanks for “tuning yourself” to record the video, thanks for your empathy and your light and thanks for this magnificent gift that Ulises will keep -I'm sure- in the depths of his heart. A huge hug!


Thank you very much Mirian for your emotional video.
Without a doubt, it was a difficult task to make a message about a subject as intimate and personal as the one I raised with you.
A professional even leaked experiences from her personal life. Intimist, direct, sincere and moving video.
Given the sensitivity of the matter, to date, I do not know the effect of the message on the person to whom it was addressed, but what I can say is that I was moved.
Again, thank you very much.

Beatrice Gonzalez

Thank you very much for the video and remember everything (which was a bit). The guests were left with their mouths open. They loved this original invitation, with all your freshness and naturalness Miriam. Thank you very much for being an accomplice of the vitamin group, your joy and affection, for being part of this proposal. A huge kiss.

I was left with my mouth open 😍

I could'nt believe it. Miriam brought out all her art and affection to surprise me with something that I love, bachata! My jaw dropped and I immediately started dancing with her. Without a doubt the best to give an indescribable message😍 Thank you Miriam!!!

lucio rodriguez
Better…, impossible !!!

I'm still excited. I knew it would be very nice but you have exceeded my purpose. You have achieved a wonderful symbiosis keeping something so sentimental but at the same time carefree with your touch of joy. A few tears fell, but because I was looking for my smile below.
I could not have done a better staging ever. I thank you with all my heart. Although my mother is no longer able to understand what is being said to her…, I have no doubt that when she hears this video she will want to make some sign that it has reached her. Thank you very much Miriam, you nailed it. I am very grateful !!!

A marvel

Super well expressed, with feeling, closeness... it has struck a chord without a doubt! Miriam is a legend (in the positive sense!!) and it has been a luxury to have been able to count on her. I would take this opportunity a thousand times

great and inspiring

Miriam is able to move and convey a message in a way that is both inspiring and personal, and it definitely leaves that "WOW" effect. Super recommended!

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