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Rachel Molina

Music therapist, composer and singer
Hello! My name is Raquel and I am a singer and music therapist. I love to carry messages from person to person and surprise and excite everyone. If you want to communicate, congratulate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or move someone through a text or a song, I will be happy to help you! I wait for you, see you around here!!! A big hug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pure art

I needed your voice to really convey my message, with another voice it would not have been the same.
Pure art, tenderness and warmth with that much-needed strength.
My message will reach its destination and it will surely be unforgettable.
Thanks Rachel! Precious!

pure art and emotion

I recommend Raquel Molina 100%.
He knows how to perfectly capture the idea you want to convey and communicates it with incredible sensitivity and art.
The truth seems to me one of the best gifts!!

My mother loved it!

Thank you very much Raquel for the lyrics, the music and for your voice. You have given life to my thoughts and you have sent my mother a very nice message for her birthday. Thank you very much for your dedication and for the love you put into it 😍

Or not
Impressive, joyful and moving

I have no words to describe the video that Raquel. It was my sister's birthday and I wanted to send her a fun, happy but also thank you message for taking care of a loved one. You definitely have to have a special talent like Raquel's to be able to create a song and a video full of emotions starting from just four sentences where I describe my relationship with my sister. Mobs gave me access to an unforgettable gift that until today was almost impossible to achieve. Thank you Raquel for taking the time to create something so special and personalized and thank you MOBS for giving me access to an artist like Raquel.


Without a doubt, the best option to give an exciting message to someone special.
Incredible composition and even more that Raquel's big voice.
No doubt they will drop more.....

It's been exciting!

It has been exciting to see my mother's face in front of the screen watching the song that Raquel created for her. It had been a long time since we managed to surprise her like this. Telling him about the surprise we had prepared for him with the help of that song and the words that Raquel dedicated to him was a very special moment.
Thank you MOBS for giving us this magical experience!!!

Rachel from MOBS
It has been beautiful.

It has been beautiful. We have cried and laughed together with emotion, thank you for illuminating these gray days with your voice.

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