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Singer-songwriter - Poetry
Hello! I am SoniAMar, also known as Sonia Martínez. I am a singer and composer of music of conscience or inner knowledge. I like to look beyond the stories, that which is not told but that gives them their essence, that which makes them unique. Tell me what you want "not to say" and I'll sing it for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Vanina Vincent
Pure emotion, talent and depth❤️

Thank you Sonia, it has been a wonderful experience to receive this personalized gift in the form of a song. You have a lot of Art, a pure Talent and a sweet voice full of Love.
Thank you! 🌞
For me it was beautiful to receive it because as an artist who creates Mobs I know very well what it means to create it, but now I can be sure that receiving a creative gift is also pure emotion that opens the heart. It was so shocking that I was moved to tears.
Thank you really, WONDERFUL!
Lots of artistic and human quality.
Artist of those who come directly to the Soul! 💜


I have freaked out and I have been so moved by what you have done with the words, the music, your sweetness! You have just captured the essence of what I wanted to convey! Millions of thanks SoniAmar!!!! You have made me super happy and the person for whom this gift was also. It has been super exciting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!🤩❤️🌈👏🎊🎉🎈✨️

Noemi Gil domenech
wonder of creator

Thank you for this wonderful gift, it was for my mother but it moved me, she seems to have lived our own union, also in a very short period of time, I love what you have created, thanks Sonia Amar

a real wonder

The truth is that I did not expect such a cool video that I received. It has been quite a surprise how well the song was spun and how cool it has been. And on top of that it's catchy!! My friends have freaked out a lot and now we have an anthem of an incredible weekend. Quite a gift. Thank you very much, Sonia, you are light!!

andrea beni

We commissioned a personalized song from Soniamar for our mother for her 50th birthday and she will never forget this gift. It is unique and sensational, thank you very much for this initiative, it is wonderful!

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