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Yadira and the Zoo

Singer and composer
Hi, I'm the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter from Yadira y El Zoológico. You can know my music through Spotify and YouTube. I love writing songs about the various experiences. This is why I invite you to give something different through a song. Enter my profile and request my services for a personalized video. YADIRA NOW HAS A WAITING LIST, TO SIGN UP WRITE US A DM ON INSTAGRAM AT @MOBSVIDEO.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
What a sweet, incredible effect.

Thank you for making us cry with emotion, my mother has been fascinated by it. It is a gift like no other and you are a great artist. Infinite hugs for making this a reality.

Perfect, thanks!

Yadira's video has exceeded my expectations. I have already watched it many times and shared it with my friends and family. It always brings a big smile to my face.
It's a great feeling to have an artist say my name and offer a personalized interpretation. An ephemeral performance recorded for eternity and packaged to be shared. I will definitely get more Mobs performances for my friends. Bravo!

simply exciting

If I had to live the moment of seeing and listening to Yadira's video again, I would have chosen another. He caught me on the subway going to work and I couldn't stop crying with emotion. I sent it to my wife and she couldn't stop crying either. When he called me, both crying excited. It has been the best gift I have been able to give in my life.
Thank you very much Yadira. You are already part of us.


Thank you Yadira for a tremendous surprise. I couldn't believe it, my story through your voice. Wonderful gift.

I loved

I loved Yadira, the message was perfect accompanied by your voice and music, everything was very nice, thank you.

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